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Hi all, Here's Fab Fevola having a jump out over 700m at Mornington today after freshening up nicely. Heading to the 955m series in October. Cheers, Deano.

Stings running up last furlong in 11.2 on the sand this morning G.Boss will come down to Mornington to give him a jump out . Spring has definitely Sprung !!!

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  • Rene Pompe

    Morning that sounds brilliant. Do you know what date that jump out will be? Cheers

  • Rene Pompe

    Stop copying me thing will be you will start barracking for Hawthorn and get a bald head!!:)

  • Dean Binaisse

    Morning, the jump outs will be next Wed 10th September - starting at 8am. Commando will be in the 2yo heats so they are normally last and on anywhere between 930-1030. We'll let you know next Tues afternoon when the trial sheet comes out. Cheers, Deano